SBA & Class Organization Officers

School Year Initiative: Back to the Basics - Engaging the student body in social justice lawyering, greater transparency with administration and stronger resources for organization advancement.

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the student government at the Howard University School of Law, and all enrolled law students are considered members.

Elected by and representing over 400 students, the SBA serves as a liaison between the student body and the law school’s administration.

Through our activities and initiatives, we strive to further legal education; promote fellowship and goodwill among the students, faculty, and administration; and advocate the concerns raised by the student body. The SBA is also responsible for overseeing the various student organizations at the law school, which includes the appropriation of funds.

2023-2024 – SBA Executive Board 

President: Benjamin Baker

Vice President: Princess Jefferson

Treasurer: Richard Burnett

Secretary: Jasmine Epps

SBA Representatives: Autumn Hooker, Kamaldeen Apatira

SBA Staff Positions

Chief of Staff: BréYhana Johnson

ABA Representative: Christina Williams, Roshard Williams

Academic Affairs Co-Chair: McKinley McNeill, Xavier Richie

Alumni Relations Co-Chairs: Curstyn Alexander, Emerald Lucas

Career Services Co-Chairs: Ailani Acey, Imon Govan

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Co-Chairs: Lauren Fleming, Kristen Boone

Social Action Co-Chairs: Ashtyn DeWalt, Zaria Woodford

Social Media Co-Chairs: Mandi Malcolm, Emiah Youman

Student Affairs Co-Chairs: Tyreye Morris, Morgan Taradash

Graduate Student Association (GSA) Representatives: David Edgerton, Tomara Dorsey, Jabulani Maibaya

HUSA Senators: Brea Williams, Thomas Weaver