General FAQs

How do I request more information about Howard University School of Law?

 Please visit Contact Us | Howard University School of Law to request additional information.

How can I visit Howard University School of Law?

Visit our events page for comprehensive information about upcoming tours and events. Additionally, an option for a virtual tour is available. Ways to Connect | Howard University School of Law

Where can I find information on bar pass rates and career statistics?

ABA 509 report for HUSL can be found Overall Statistics 2022

How can I find housing near HUSL?

University housing options can be located here within the Student Affairs department.

What LSAC forums and/or other recruiting events will HUSL attend this year?

Visit our events page for upcoming event information

Does HUSL provide support for students with disabilities?

Yes, contact the Office of Student Accessibility to request a reasonable accommodation

What is the most recent class profile?

Academic FAQS

Do you have an Evening/Part-Time Program?

No, only a full-time day program that can be completed in 3 years without interruption.

Do you have any Joint Degree Programs?

Yes, a JD/MBA Program which can be completed in 4 years without interruption.

What is the size of your Law School?

Approximately 450 students across all years (1L, 2L and 3L’s and LLM students)

How does HUSL student get practical experience?

HUSL student can participate in the Clinical Law Center offers nine (9) live-client clinical experiences: the Criminal Justice Clinic (CJC), the Fair Housing Clinic (FHC), the Civil Rights Clinic (CRC), the Investor Justice and Education Clinic (IJEC), the Intellectual Property Patent Clinic (IPPC), the Intellectual Property Trademark Clinic (IPTC), Movement Lawyering Clinic (MLC), Reentry Clinic (RC) and the Child Welfare Clinic (CWC). Additional information can be found The Clinical Law Center | Howard University School of Law.

Can students select their own class schedule?

No. Similar to most ABA law schools, your 1L schedule is created for you and your are placed into a track for your 1L year.

Does HUSL offer a study abroad process?

To participate in a Howard University-sponsored study abroad program, students must have a cumulative weighted grade point average of 75.00 at the time of application to be eligible to participate. For more information about the Howard University School of Law study abroad programs, consult the Office of Academic Affairs and the director of each program.

Admissions FAQS

How do I submit my application for HUSL?

Prospective students must submit applications online via LSAC website. Additional admission information can be found here.

When will HUSL begin accepting applications?

HUSL application process begins November 1st

What are the application requirements?

a. A complete application consists of the following:

i. Application

ii. LSAT (Law School Admissions Test)

iii. Personal State

iv. 2 letters of recommendation

v. Resume

vi. Transcripts

When will HUSL begin reviewing applications?

November. All prospective students are encouraged to submit and complete their applications as early as possible but no later than March 15th. Applications submitted after the deadline may not be reviewed.

When will a decision be made?

Decisions will be issued in December and March. Final waitlist decisions could take place through the summer. Howard Law endeavors to provide each applicant with written or electronic notification of her status.

What is your application deadline?

The priority deadline for scholarship consideration is December 15th.

Do you have an Early Bird/CLEO type Program?

No, however, HU is a CLEO founding member school and a supporter of the program.

What is your application fee?

The application fee is $60.00

Do you offer application fee waivers?

Howard University School of Law will not be offering application fee waivers for the 2023-2024 application cycle.  Nor do we offer LSAC fee waivers.  

Is it possible to enroll as a new or transfer student during the spring semester?

Howard no longer operates on a “Rolling Admissions” program. All applicants must submit all required documentations by March 15 to be considered for fall enrollment.

Should I call the admission office to check the status of my application?

No. The admissions office will provide a timeline of when to expect a final decision. Prospective students can always check their application status in LSAC. There is a progress bar on both the Active Applications page, under the selected school, and also on the Application Home page that will show you your progress with both a visual guide and a numerical percentage. Individual sections that are completed are check marked.

How do I update my application after submission?

Depending on the document or item type, you will send an updated document with your LSAC number at the top, label to document accordingly, i.e. updated résumé or updated personal statement, etc. to

If it is an updated transcript, updated letter of recommendation, or an update to your LSAT score, you will have to request that information be sent directly from LSAC to the Law School Admissions office.

Does HUSL offer interviews?

No HUSL does not conduct interviews for prospective students.

I would like to withdraw my application. Can my application fee be refunded?

No, application fees for HUSL are non-refundable.

Are deferrals available?

Yes, HUSL will provide deferral but on a case-by-case basis. Accepted students in need of a deferral should reach out to the admissions department for further information.


When should I take the LSAT?

We recommend you take the LSAT early, allowing as much time as you need to prepare. Remember, the LSAT is not a test of your intelligence but a test of your preparedness. The average student that scores at or above the median for all test takers prepares at least 6 months and practices regularly for the exam. It is important to note, how well you prepare and the skills refined while preparing will go a long way in determining your success in law school.

What is the median LSAT and UGPA (undergraduate grade point average) for accepted students?

155 (LSAT) 3.43 (UGPA)

Do you accept the GRE?

Not as a substitute for the LSAT. The LSAT is still mandatory. If you have a GRE score, however, you can submit it to be considered along with your LSAT score. The final decision on admission, however, will be based solely on your LSAT score.

I have more than one LSAT score. How will that be viewed?

We will review all scores that are submitted. We report the highest score for accreditation purposes and annual surveys.

I took the LSAT several years ago. Is my score still valid?

LSAT scores remains on file for 5 years.

Which is given more weight in the admissions decision, undergraduate GPA or LSAT scores?

It depends. These are two factors that every candidate will have in common but the major, minor, life and work experience, letters of recommendation, etc can influence the weight of one these two indicators.

Financial Aid FAQS

Does HUSL provide Scholarships?

Yes, HUSL has Merit Scholarships. They are awarded based on the careful review of the academic performance of the student (LSAT, GPA) and the quality of the application.

How much are tuition and total cost of attendance?

Cost of attendance for HUSL can be found here

What is FAFSA code for HUSL?


Who can I contact regarding FAFSA?

Please reach out to our financial aid office for any questions at