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One of my great privileges as Dean is the opportunity to share with you the reasons why this Law School is such a wonderful place to teach and study the law. Thanks to the superb technical staff and resources available at the Law School, I am able to communicate with you — our valued alumni, students, faculty, colleagues, friends, and visitors — on a scale unimaginable just a few brief years ago. I invite you to visit often and explore this website; it contains a wealth of information about the people, programs, and history of this extraordinary law school.

Lisa A. Crooms-Robinson
Interim Dean

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Lecture Series Speakers, and Symposia

Howard University School of Law hosts a series of lectures each year which honor the name and legacy of a past deans Charles Hamilton Houston, James M. Nabrit Jr., C. Clyde Ferguson Jr., and Wiley A. Branton. Each of these deans served the law school during a critical era in history and all left a significant impression not only on the Howard University community but on the legal profession worldwide. The students, faculty, administration, and staff of the law school work together each year to find topics relevant to the current legal climate, particularly in areas of social justice, civil rights, human rights, and voting rights.

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