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The mission of Howard University School of Law Information Technology is to provide quality technical support with respect to innovative methods to enhance technological capabilities that will enable faculty, students, and staff access to information and resources.

Howard University School of Law Information Technology provides a unique mixture of expertise. We have undergone numerous technology upgrades over the past year. Our network has been rewired to support fiber optic throughout the Law School and the Law Library. Technical capabilities include two smart classrooms, state of the art training rooms and a fully wireless campus.

HUSL have put together a unique blend of Information Technology professionals to continuously seek and improve new and innovative technical approaches to networking and computing that will enhance researching capabilities for the faculty, students, and staff. We also seek to provide support and empower students with a technical advantage in all legal research.

We welcome you to browse through our website and please don’t hesitate to call for technical assistance or advice.

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AV/Help Desk/Web and Monitor Requests

As we begin a new academic year, please be mindful to send all requests to
If you wish to call, please call extension @68013.

Please DO NOT send requests directly to my staff or myself as it presents a single point of failure.  The account is monitored for requests and events. All incoming calls and e-mails are scheduled and assigned appropriately.

Bison Web
BisonHub Website

We are now a month into the University’s transition from Google to Microsoft 365! We are extremely excited to announce that the ongoing migration process has been very successful, ahead of schedule, and over 9000 Students have been successfully migrated. 

To ensure that this success continues, we are highlighting available migration resources. Please refer to these resources to receive the most up-to-date migration information and guidance. 

Pre-Migration: If you are still waiting for your account to be migrated, the Student Change Guide contains everything you need to know about the upcoming change. Additionally, please make sure that your To Do List is complete to ensure a successful migration. 

Post-Migration: Please review the Post-Migration Checklist to ensure that your account has been migrated successfully. If there are any issues, please consult the Self-Help Guide to resolve them. If you have additional questions or concerns that you are unable to resolve, please refer to the Support Model for the migration. Additionally, please visit the ETS website for various resources, including FAQs, announcements, and training materials.  

Incoming Students

Recommended Laptop Specifications

Windows 11 Pro 64bit
( Pro will allow you to connect to HU WIFI and DOJ and Law firms in alt. secure methods)
512GB SSD minimum
13th generation i7 or i5 Intel processor
Backlit keyboard.
Bluetooth 5.3
WIFI 6e 2X MIMO minimum
Recommend 15.6 or 16” screen.
Minimum 13” screen for exams
Webcam with shutter and microphone array.
USB-A port(s)
Thunderbolt 3 or 4 port(s), USB-C ports

MacBook Air or Pro

512GB SSD minimum
13th generation i7 or i5 processor
Backlit keyboard.
Bluetooth 5.3
WIFI 6e   2X MIMO minimum
Recommend 15.6 or 16” screen.
Minimum 13” screen for exams
Webcam 1080p or min. 720p with microphone array.
Thunderbolt 3 or 4 port(s),  USB-C ports

Recommended USB flash drive

recommended External SSD for keep at home local backups.

Faculty & Staff

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AV/Help Desk/Web and Monitor Requests

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Monitor Requests

Attached are three standardized templates for our digital signage messaging system. We ask that you create your message inside one of these templates. Please note the template labeled “HUSLmonitors_library_ONLY” is strictly for messages that pertain to the Law Library. 

Please follow this format. Failure to create your message inside one of these templates may result in your event not being posted.  Please forward your request in the correct format to Ms. Reeder ( for approval. All requests MUST be received 48 hours prior to desired posting date. is for website and digital signage only

This process will help expedite your request. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


Dr. Frank King
Director of Information Technology

Blair Diggs

Garret Miller
Network Systems Engineer

Paul Mollison
System Analyst

145 Law Library

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(202) 806-8013

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HUSL monitor Library template

Blair Diggs

Information Technology, School of Law

Garrett Miller

Network Systems Engineer

Information Technology, School of Law

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Systems Analyst II

Information Technology, School of Law