Web Site Policy and Guidelines

Contact Information

For Web site requests:

Blair Diggs
Web Developer-Information Technology
Location: Law Library - Suite 145

Emergency Contact:
Dr. Frank King
Director of Information Technology
Location: Law Library - Suite 145

Web Request Process

An up-to-date Web site with a smooth editing process ensures fresh and current content that performs better in search engines, keeps visitors coming back for reliable information, and encourages the sharing of law.howard.edu on social-networking platforms.

To this end, the Howard University School of Law/Information Technology Department is establishing processes and protocols so that updates can be timely and accurate while helping to manage the expectations of the campus community and increase departmental accountability.

This document provides a framework for webmaster response to content-change requests.
Note: It is imperative that once the process has been established, management actively enforces implementation of and compliance with this process.

Web Policy

News & Events
The Director of Communications will develop stories and story ideas for the front page News & Events section. News & Events stories will be refreshed every 2 weeks.

Stories and story ideas will be relevant, timely, and informational, and intended for internal and external audiences.

Stories and story ideas can be submitted by any dean, faculty, staff, student, or alumni.

Not all stories will be guaranteed placement on the front page of the Web site. Stories that are placed on the Web site will be edited and may be expanded on as needed.

Faculty Spotlight/Profiles
Highlight a new faculty member each month during a school year. A photo should accompany the posting. The faculty highlight will be updated on the front page of Web site on a monthly basis.

The Director of Communications will select faculty based on input from the dean or academic dean’s office, from recommendations by other faculty, or from knowledge of a faculty member’s accomplishments or by faculty request. Faculty updates can be refreshed more regularly if there is content.

An advance schedule will be prepared and the faculty member will be notified when it is his or her turn. A faculty spotlight does not preclude a faculty member from also being featured elsewhere, such as in News & Events.

Student and Alumni Spotlights/Profiles
Student and alumni accomplishments may also be placed in News & Events as warranted. The Director of Communications will select student and alumni spotlights based on input from the dean or academic dean’s office, from recommendations by others, or from knowledge of student and alumni accomplishments, by faculty request, etc. Student and alumni spotlights will be refreshed on a monthly basis or more regularlty  as warranted.

For maximum effect and branding, a photo should be included with the posting.

Rotation of Photos
The rotation of photos on the front page will be changed every six weeks.

Rotation photos can include speakers, events, ceremonies, student service programs, historical photos, classroom shots, campus landmarks, students, faculty, staff, and alumni photos.

Rotation photos will not be routinely captioned except to identify major speakers and guests.

The rotation space can also include messages or wording appropriate to the law school with the approval of the dean or directors.

Web Change Request Submission for Faculty and Staff
Faculty and staff should submit content edit requests to the Webmaster via:

• Email: webmonitorrequest@law.howard.edu 

The request should include:

• Name and contact information of requester. 

• The URL(s) for the page(s) on which changes are being requested. 

• Detailed instructions about what needs to be changed. 

• Indication of urgency/time-sensitivity of the request. Every attempt will be made to fulfill requests quickly, but other projects or requests may take precedence. Please plan requests as far in advance as possible to ensure associated deadlines aren’t missed. 

• Attached images or documents if required.

Request Approval Process:

All requests will receive a response from the campus Webmaster. All work completed will be communicated to the requester via email.

There are four categories of Change Requests:

1. Report a bug, broken link, or typo. 
2. Request for links to other pages or web sites.
3. Request to have a story highlighted in the News & Events section. 
4. Edit or replace copy.

See recommended guidelines below. 

Recommended guidelines for submitting content

1. Report a bug, broken link, or typo. Issue will be assessed and corrected by the campus webmaster; the appropriate department or person will be notified when the change is complete. 

2. Request for links to other pages or web site changes. The webmaster will review the link and determine if it works before making the page active. 

3. Request to have a story highlighted in the News & Events section. These requests are reviewed by the director of communications. If news worthy, the story will be approved and recommended for posting in consultation with the webmaster.

4. Edit or replace copy. The webmaster will edit or replace copy as requested by the submitter. The copy will be assessed based on the scope and nature of changes needed prior to edits being made. All requests for edits or copy changes will be prioritized by the webmaster and a notification of the completion date will be given to the submitter.

All content submitted for changes must be in a Word document. In that Word document, the rule is “less is more."  Do not overly format your documents. Use one font and only utilize the bold and italic functions. Do not set tabs, make tables, design or use templated headers or footers, or insert page numbers. The way a blank document opens in Word is the way you should use it. Including extra formatting can mean quadrupling the time it takes to get your copy on pages.

Extra formatting is very difficult to remove - and it must be removed in order to be posted on the Web site. If you would like to present a formatted document so that the webmaster better understands your requests, you may - but you must also submit a clean document as specified by this policy.

Please proofread your content changes carefully. Accuracy is the responsibility of the requester.

Photo and file attachment formats. Sometimes, a PDF is linked from a page to give in-depth printable information to the end user.

Requesters who are unsure if their files fit this standard can submit a Word file for simple editing and the webmaster will create the PDF file for posting.

Photo files should be submitted as jpegs, at least 72 dpi and 5x5 inches. High resolution images are preferred. Photos are subject to evaluation for quality and appropriateness. Some photos can be improved with some editing, which can be done by the webmaster.


Social Media Policy

Howard University School of Law follows the social media policies of the University.

As a comprehensive research university, Howard University (HowardU/Howard) recognizes the importance of participating in online conversations and activities.

We encourage responsible and respectful online activity by students, faculty and staff and maintain a commitment to academic freedom on social media platforms.

We expect that the following university core values will govern the online choices Howard University communicators make:
Truth | Service | Leadership | Excellence

These guidelines, in conjunction with Howard University’s social media policy, are provided to outline how the above core values should be demonstrated in official communications in social media spaces.

The guidelines apply to material that Howard departments, offices and related units publish on Howard-hosted websites and related Howard social media sites. Any questions about these Guidelines should be directed to the Office of University Communications ouc@howard.edu or socialmedia@howard.edu.

All members of the Howard Community are encouraged to adhere to and stay up-to-date on the rules of engagement, policies and/or terms of service supplied by each individual platform (of which evolve and grow daily):

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Web sites outside of the Law School's Purview

Howard University School of Law is not responsible for content, content management, maintenance, or accuracy of outside Web sites created by Howard law students, faculty, alumni, or staff. With Administration approval, outside Web sites may link to the Law school's main Web site. The webmaster will post the link at his discretion and barring any technical issues.