Howard Energy and Environmental Law Society (HEELS)

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of HEELS is to encourage an understanding of environmental concerns on the Howard University campus and broader community; prepare law students for a career in environmental law and related areas of law; identify the intersections of environmental law and other legal areas including but not limited to energy, natural resource, animal welfare, food, climate change, public health, sustainable development, and human rights.

Proposed 2020-2021 Programming
The Green New Deal and Communities of Color (Considerations on Environmental and Economic Justice)
Environmental Law in times of COVID (Considerations on Public and Environmental Health)
Food, Drugs and Water (Public Rights vs. Privatization)
Community Gardening Volunteering Event
L1 Section Garden Battle
Creation of Howard Law Green Space Initiative, Historical Preservation of the Old Law Library, Issues in
Environmental Litigation (PFAS, Dicamba, and Agent Orange (Trump))

HEELS allows the members of Howard University School of Law to explore and discuss issues of both energy and environmental law. HEELS contributes to the law school community by promoting various educational and networking opportunities for students aspiring to enter the fields of energy and/ or environmental law.

HEELS is dedicated to creating opportunities for students to learn more about the critical energy and environmental issues facing our nation and planet, with a commitment to helping solve these issues. HEELS is particularly dedicated to exploring and exposing incidents of Environmental Justice, and the drastic effects of climate change. HEELS understands that Environmental Justice is a civil rights issue and feels that it is important for Howard University School of Law, as a bastion of civil rights law, to promote solutions to the problem of environmental discrimination.


2020-2021 Executive Board Members

Nasya Dodson

Vice president
Joshua Davenport

Alexander Sims

Alexander Villazon

Community Outreach Coordinator
Ellis Walton

Social Media Chair
Remington Daniel

Office Pending

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