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Emergency Notification System (AlertHU)

About the system

In an effort to consistently improve emergency response procedures, Howard University has implemented a University-wide emergency notification system (AlertHU) which will allow the University to send time-sensitive notifications via voice, e-mail and text messaging. AlertHU notification system will help us provide a safer environment, enhanced emergency communication and will keep our students better informed.

How It Works

In case of an emergency on or near campus, the following will be sent out immediately:

  • voice message will be sent to the phone numbers you provided.
  • An e-mail notification will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.
  • text message will be sent to the mobile phone you provided.

Emergency notifications will be limited to such things as severe weather alerts, emergency building concerns, intruders or potential pandemics. The system will be tested periodically during its first semester of use and then once a semester thereafter.


All students will have the opportunity to register up to three phone numbers, one e-mail address and one text message for emergency notifications. For your own personal safety, we strongly encourage you to register your mobile devices. The technology used allows for pagers and mobile phones to be notified first in the event of an emergency. The phone numbers you provide will be used for emergency communication only.

Registration itself takes place through Bisonweb at:

  1. Enter your Student ID and pin to log into BisonWeb
  2. Click “Alert HU”
  3. Enter your emergency information into the form and submit.