Second Annual Charlotte E. Ray Lecture

Second Annual Charlotte E. Ray Lecture and
White Collar Crime Conference

Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Damon J. Keith Moot Court Room


Charlotte E. Ray lecture which took place April 11, 2023.

Full Program
Agenda - Charlotte E. Ray 2023

(1) Welcome Remarks
(2) Keynote Address from Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, Jr.
(3) and the Panel; “ How I Got Here: Prosecutorial Attitudes, Perspectives, and Priorities.”

YouTube program is available from the United States Department of Justice’s 

Charlotte Ray Lecture on Law School and White Collar Crime Conference - Photo Gallery- APRIL 11, 2023

(Pictured Left to Right)

Hon. Ismail “Izzy” Ramsey, US Attorney, Northern District of California
Hon. Stephanie Hinds, former Acting US Attorney, Northern District of California
Hon. Breon Peace, US Attorney, Eastern District of New York
Hon. Kenneth Polite, former Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, US Department of Justice
Dean Holley
Hon. Vanessa Avery, US Attorney, District of Connecticut
Hon. Damien Williams, US Attorney, Southern District of New York

Kenneth Polite speaking, viewed through the crowd

Kenneth Polite at the podium, with US Attorneys Peace, Hinds, Avery and Williams seated.