On Campus Interview Information

Dear Employers,

We are pleased to announce that Howard Law School’s 2017 REBRANDED Fall On-Campus Interview sessions are now open for registration. 

To view and register for these recruiting programs simply,

  1. Login to Symplicity – feel free to register for free if you do not have an account;   
  2. Click the "OCI" tab; 
  3. Click on "Request a Schedule;" and 
  4. Select the desired option from the drop down menu.

The sessions we have open, and their corresponding registration fees, are the following:

Pre-OCI 2017 Resume Collect

· Registration Fees:  $600 (251+ attorneys); $150 (less than 250 attorneys)*

· Applications will be viewable on June 28

· Registration closes on June 16


Private Employer Interview Program (PEIP)

· Registration Fees:  $450 (251+ attorneys); $200 (less than 250 attorneys)*

· For private sector employers only (e.g., law firms and corporations)

· Interviews take place on August 7-11

· Applications will be viewable on July 14

· Registration closes on May 29

· There will be room for two Hospitality Suites this year (one shared room) available for purchase on each day (we will allow booking once registration is complete and dates have been given)



Fall Interview & Resume Collect Program

· Registration Fees:  Free

· For all employers

· Interviews take place on September 5 – October 31

· Applications will be viewable on July 28

· Registration closes on May 31


* Please make checks payable to "Howard University School of Law," and in the memo field indicate which session you are paying for. 

You can mail checks to:
Neil Dennis
Office of Career Services, Notre Dame Hall
Howard University School of Law
2900 Van Ness St. NW
Washington, DC 20008


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Shaani Budram, our Legal Outreach Assistant, at shaani.budram@law.howard.edu or 202-806-8135. You can also contact me at neil.dennis@law.howard.edu.  We’re looking forward to another successful recruiting year!