Pathways to Success Program

The Pathways to Success Program (“Pathways”) is a professionalism and leadership program developed to help our students prepare for their careers. It allows students to gain insight, from various members of the profession, on how to successfully approach and build their careers. Designed with input from agencies and organizations that hire and work directly with our students, the program operates similarly to a Continuing Legal Education program where students will learn legal theory and practical experience through a series of courses. The final result was shaped around six overarching categories that are instrumental to career success.

Students who complete the Pathways program will be recognized at an end of year luncheon and ceremony, receive a gift, and are allowed to list Pathways completion on their resumes. In addition, students who are logging points throughout the year may receive invitations to special events or priority at events with limited attendance.

How the program works:

  • To complete the Pathways program successfully, students must attend programs from at least five of the six competency categories outlined below.
  • Each eligible Pathways event is assigned a point value. Most lunch programs are worth 10 points but some events will be worth more. You can earn as many points in each category as you like, so long as you have points from five out of the six available competencies. To complete the program you must earn 200 points by the end of the last scheduled event in the Spring semester.
  • You cannot earn points for activities for which you earn course credit or receive a stipend or payment.
  • Each event or activity must be designated as an approved Pathways program event prior to participation, there will be no points given for requests made after the fact.
  • You will know whether a program is eligible to satisfy Pathways when the event is advertised with Pathways points noted in the description. If you are ever confused, confirm with the Office of Student Affairs or Career Services.
  • After attending a qualifying program you will need to log your participation using Poll Everywhere.

If you are a student organization and would like a program you are planning to qualify for Pathways points please talk with the Office of Student Affairs at least 2 business days in advance of your event.

The number of events that count toward Pathways is fluid and the Offices of Student Affairs and Career Services will add events to the website throughout the year. We will also work to ensure that there is an opportunity to attend a program in each category at least once per semester.

The Competency Categories are:

  1. Identifying and Applying for Opportunities
    Identifying and Applying for Opportunities provides students with essential tools necessary to pursue a successful job search strategy. 
  2. Expanding Industry Knowledge
    Expanding Industry Knowledge encourages students to explore career paths and career fields to identify the best fit for their personality, values, and interests. 
  3. Building Your Personal Brand
    Building Personal Brand provides students with the skills to establish and maintain a positive professional reputation and take advantage of their professional networks. 
  4. Developing Personal Health & Emotional Intelligence
    Developing Personal Health & Emotional Intelligence encourages students to recognize the importance of their own well-being and the impact on academic and career success. 
  5. Strengthening Professional Judgement 
    Strengthening Professional Judgement informs students of their ethical and financial obligations within law school and beyond. 
  6. Giving Back to Community
    Giving Back to Community cultivates a sense of personal responsibility and helps students understand the importance of community and their role in it, continuing the Howard Law 150-year tradition of developing social engineers. 

Pathways Events


February 5th

Careers in Academia

February 6th

Alternative Careers

February 7th

Wise Up Wednesday (lunch-and-learn series on Practice Areas and markets)

February 8th

Legal Writing Series, Part 2 (presented and sponsored by Schiff Hardin)

February 13th

Speaking Like a Lawyer: Effective Communication Skills

February 14th

Wise Up Wednesday 2

February 15th

1L Spring Law Firm Reception

February 21st

Wise Up Wednesday 3

February 22nd

Navigating Life at a Law Firm: Tips for Success

February 26th

Mindful Monday: Meditation

February 28th

Wise Up Wednesdays 4


March 5th

Ensuring Summer Success Part 1: How to Excel at Your Summer Job

March 6th

Military Law and the JAG Corps

March 7th

Wise Up Wednesday 5

March 8th

The Many Paths of JD/MBAs

March 19th

Mindful Monday

March 20th

The Evaluation Process: Receiving Feedback and Having Difficult Conversations

March 21st

Wise Up Wednesday 6

March 22

Ensuring Summer Success Part 2: Perfecting Research Skills

March 28th

Wise Up Wednesday 7

March 29th

OCI Workshop -- OCS Presentation 


April 3rd

Solo Practice and Starting Your Own Firm

April 4th

Wise Up Wednesday

April 5th

Legal Writing Series, Part 3

April 10th

Ensuring Summer Success Part 3: Confidentiality/Ethics

April 12th

Careers in Civil Rights Law

April 19th

Pathways Awards Ceremony (Sponsored by Proskauer Rose)

Additional Non-Pathways Programming
April 16th Government Practice at GAO


We look forward to you taking advantage of this opportunity to develop and strengthen your professionalism and skills. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact either the Office of Student Affairs or the Office of Career Services.