Student Spotlight: Faraz Siddiqui

Howard University School of Law student wins writing competition, paper on health privacy laws to be published in The Health Lawyer

Third year law student Faraz Siddiqui won the ABA’s Health Law Section Essay Competition with his essay entitled  “Balancing Health Privacy Law with Emerging Healthcare Innovation.”

Faraz serves as senior solicitations and submissions editor for the Howard Law Journal. His paper was written in his Privacy Law class and he credits his professor Andrew Gavil, for the encouragement and guidance provided throughout the process.  “This award shows that Howard law students can compete on the national level on subjects related to healthcare,” Faraz said proudly.

Faraz will be working the legal writing department to assist other students with honing their legal writing skills and preparing for other writing competitions. He will share his story and provide advice at a legal writing workshop at the law school.

See the announcement  below from the American Bar Association.

ABA's Announcement:

"Congratulations to Faraz Siddiqui of Howard University School of Law in Washington, DC, who was selected as the winner of the Section’s 2016 Law Student Writing Competition. Farad’s submission, “Balancing Health Privacy Law with Emerging Healthcare Innovation,” is slated to be published in a future edition of The Health Lawyer. He will be a guest at 18th Annual Conference on Emerging Issues in Healthcare Law."