Video Upload Instructions

Due to limited server space please adhere to Video Preparation settings to keep file size at a minimum while retaining the best viewing quality.

Software/Hardware Requirements

Video Camera Recommendations
DV format video camera with 4-pin Firewire connection.
Canon VIXIA HFM31-AVCHD Format. (camera supplied by IT Department)

Computer Platform
Macintosh or PC

FTP Client Software

Video Editing Software
iMovie (Mac platform - preferred video editing software)
Roxio Creator 2011 (PC platform)

Video Preparation with iMovie

  1. Connect camera with completed video into camera with Firewire or USB connection.
  2. Import video into iMovie video editing software.
  3. Drag Video Clips from Event Library to Project window. (see figure 1)
  4. Select “Share” from the drop menu, select “Export using Quicktime”
  5. Title your video in the next window, and select the “OPTIONS” buttons (see figure 2)
  6. Set the Video Compression to “MPEG-4 Video” (see figure 4)
  7. Set the Motion to “Automatic” (see figure 4)
  8. Set the Data Rate to “Automatic” (see figure 4)
  9. Set the Compressor Quality to “Medium” (see figure 4)
  10. Your exported video is ready for upload

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Video Upload Instructions

  1. Launch your FTP Client “FileZilla”
  2. Enter Host name“”see figure 5
  3. Enter User name“anonymous”see figure 5
  4. Enter Password “Your Howard email” see figure 5
  5. Transfer your Video from your computer to the remote server (see figure 6)

Your Video ready for viewing at:“your filename”

Figure 5

Figure 6