Instructions To Access Webmail

The Law School recently upgraded its webmail system. This new Exchange server will provide you on-line access to your electronic mail, appointment calendar, and contacts database. If you are familiar with Microsoft Outlook, you should have no difficulty making the transition to this new system. Should you need assistance in familiarizing yourself with the Microsoft Outlook WebAccess interface, please contact the Information Technology Department HelpDesk at 6-8013.

When logging on to the new WebMail system, you will be prompted to enter your domain\username and password. Please remember to enter the following information:

Students should be logging with these credentials:

Domain\Username = Studentsnet\username
Domain Password = students password used to login into Studentsnet Domain

Example : New students with a middle initial ( John P. Doe) login will be : Domain\Username = Studentsnet\JPDoe Domain Password = howard

Faculty/Staff login with these credentials:

Domain\Username = Facstaffnet\username
Domain Password = password used to login to your office computer (facstaffnet domain)

We are confident you will find the new Microsoft Outlook WebAccess interface easy to use.