The Bridge Lab and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Hosts ‘Just Mercy’ Screening and Workshop at Howard Law

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Howard University School of Law recently partnered with The Bridge Lab and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to host a private screening of the film “Just Mercy” with an accompanying workshop. Another organization involved was the Government of the District of Columbia’s Office of Cable Television, Film, Music & Entertainment.

The panel consisted of attorneys and law school graduates who have forged impactful careers in media and entertainment. Panelists were Lisa E. Davis, partner at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein + Selz PC’s Entertainment Group, representing businesses and celebrities in the film, television, publishing, music, theatre, and sports industries; Julie Lynn, co-founder of Mockingbird Pictures; and Andrea Nelson Meigs, senior talent and literary agent at ICM Partners.

Students from Howard Law, as well as the University of District of Columbia, attended the event. Topics discussed included ways in which to break into the entertainment law industry, obtain life rights for a film, practice social engineering in the field, issues related to African-Americans in the industry, and more.

Carmia Caesar, assistant director of career services at Howard Law, was a key player in bringing the event to the law school.

“I am thrilled to partner with The Bridge Lab and the Academy to expand the scope of programming and guidance that the Office of Career Services is able to offer students interested in careers in film and entertainment,” Caesar said.

The event, which was meant to spotlight career pathways in media and entertainment, marked the launch of a collaboration between Howard Law and The Bridge Lab, a 501(C)3 that facilitates and improves equitable access in the film and television industries by providing educational opportunities, employment entry points, and career development advocacy for underrepresented communities. The organization’s signature program offers screenings with lab session/workshops where creatives from the film, studio execs, and Academy members share advice and insight on their career journeys. From here on out, the organization’s programming reach will expand by beginning a higher education institution track program for participants with post-secondary/grad degrees with an interest in pursuing executive leadership roles in entertainment and media.

"It is a blessing to have our model involve stakeholders such as The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and Howard University School of Law working with The Bridge Lab to expand the pie of diversity in entertainment and media so everyone can participate,” said William Keys, founder and CEO of The Bridge Lab. “It makes a larger pool of opportunity and a stronger industry and ecosystem."