Sha-Shana N.L. Crichton

Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills and Director of Legal Writing Program

J.D., Howard University

Sha-Shana N.L. Crichton, Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills, was the recipient of the 2017 Warren S. Rosmarin Award for Excellence in Teaching and Service.

Professor Crichton teaches legal writing and is the director of the Legal Writing Center at Howard University School of Law. She is also a 1999 graduate of the law school.

 Professor Crichton has contributed articles to the Howard Law Journal and other scholarly publications. Her latest article, “Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: Jamaica’s Duty to Deliver Timely Reserved Judgments and Written Reasons for Judgment,” was recently published in the Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce. The article was ranked #8 in SSRN's top ten most downloaded papers in June 2017 under the topic AARN: Latin America and South America.

Professor Crichton has taught at Howard for ten years. Prior to her tenure, she worked in private practice. She is a regular contributor and speaker at outside conferences and symposia. She organizes programs at the law school on a regular basis, including the annual Conversation With the Judges forum.

Professor Crichton’s most recent article can be downloaded here: