Andre L. Smith

Adjunct Professor


Andre L. Smith is currently a visiting associate professor at the Howard University School of Law, where he also received his J.D. in 2000. Professor Smith obtained his LL.M in taxation from the Georgetown University Law Center. He is the author of numerous law review articles and book chapters on tax law, administrative law, hiphop and critical race theory. Professor Smith recently published Tax Law and Racial Economic Justice: Black Tax (Lexington Books, 2015), in which he presents myriad ways in which taxes and tax policy relate to racial subordination.

His scholarship is among those who use law and economics constructs to explore racial subordination, including the conception of racism in legal and social dynamics as asymmetrical market imperfections. His forthcoming works include Afrolantican Jurisprudence, Recent Cases of Regressive and Racially Disparate Taxation, and Deferential Review of the US Tax Court: The Chevron Doctrine.