Adam H. Kurland

Professor of Law

J.D., 1981, University of California at Los Angeles
B.S. 1978, University of California at Los Angeles


Professor Kurland graduated from UCLA School of Law and served as a federal prosecutor before commencing his full-time teaching career in 1987. He teaches a wide range of criminal law and evidence courses. He has written numerous articles concerning a range of federal criminal law issues. He has also written and has spoken at numerous programs concerning the legal and constitutional aspects of DC voting representation.

He continues to argue federal criminal appeals in the federal appellate courts throughout the United States. He has appeared as a legal analyst on television and radio programs, has testified before various congressional subcommittees, and is active in the American Bar Association.


Professor Kurland is the author of a book: SUCCESSIVE CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS: THE DUAL SOVEREIGNTY EXCEPTION TO DOUBLE JEOPARDY IN STATE AND FEDERAL COURTS ( 2001), and is a contributing author to THE HERITAGE GUIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION (2005 ). He has also written numerous law review articles, including

Court’s in Session: A Law Professor Returns to the Majestic Chaos of a Criminal Jury Trial, 52 How. L.J. 357 ( 2009 )

To ”Aid, Abet, Counsel, Command, Induce or Procure the Commission of a Criminal Offense,”: A Critique of Federal Aiding and Abetting Principles, 57 S. Car. L. Rev. 85 ( 2005 )

First Principles of American Federalism and the Nature of Federal Criminal Jurisdiction: 45 Emory L.J. 1 ( 1996 )

The Guarantee Clause As a Basis for Federal Prosecutions of State and Local Officials, 62 So. Ca.l L. Rev. 367 ( 1989 )

Partisan Rhetoric, Constitutional Reality, and Political Responsibility: The Troubling Constitutional Consequences of Achieving DC Statehood by Simple Legislation, 60 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 475 ( 1992 )

Providing A Federal Criminal Defendant With A Unilateral Right to a Bench Trial: A Renewed Call to Amend Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 23(a), 26 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 309 ( 1993 )

Prosecuting Ol’ Man River: The Fifth Amendment, The Good Faith Defense, and the Non-Testifying Defendant, 51 U. Pitt. L. Rev. 841 ( 1990 )