Tips For Drafting Professional Correspondence

Networking Emails

  • Introduce yourself
  • If relevant, mention how you acquired the contact’s information
  • Explain why you are reaching out
  • Provide some background about yourself
  • Offer to accommodate the contact’s schedule in order to set up a time/ mode of communication
  • Thank the contact for their time

Sample Networking Email

Thank You Email

  • Should be sent within 24 hours following the interview (the earlier, the better)
  • Thank the interviewer for his/ her time
  • Highlight important parts of your conversation
  • Reiterate key skills and/ or your interest in the position
  • Keep the message short

Sample Thank You Email

Accepting and Turning Down An Offer

  • Weigh all options carefully before accepting or turning down an offer. Once an offer is accepted, you may not renege. The decision is final.
  • When an offer is made, immediately thank the employer and request the date by which the employer would like a decision. Be sure to respond within that time frame.
  • Whether accepting or turning down an offer, a phone call to the primary contact is preferred, followed by an email reiterating the conversation. Do not leave messages to turn down an offer on voicemail or with an assistant.
  • When turning down an offer, do so in the most diplomatic way possible. Do not burn bridges that may prove useful in future employment searches during or after law school. Thank the employer for their consideration and provide a thoughtful explanation.

Sample Email Turning Down An Offer