Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center News – June 2020

The month of June was an eventful one for Howard University School of Law’s Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center.  Below are the Center’s highlights from June 2020:

1) Our students continue to rise to the occasion.  This article describes just a bit of the leadership shown by HUSL students during the protests:

Those highlighted include students from Howard Law’s Human and Civil Rights Clinic and the Thurgood Marshall Center student assistant. 

2) The Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center litigation efforts in June have borne fruit. The temporary injunction efforts in both New York and the District of Columbia helped to lift curfews that were negatively impacting Black Lives Matter protesters, including Howard University students. The Center also filed a motion for compassionate release from federal prison for a grandfather with pre-existing conditions that made him particularly vulnerable to negative complications that might result from COVID-19 infection.

3) Center partnerships have continued to grow in impact. Partnerships include Columbia University to create the United States African American Redress Network to support reparations movements across the nation; Law for Black Lives DC and Harvard Law School's Criminal Justice Policy Program to write the Center’s first white paper,  The Contradiction of Colorblind COVID-19 Relief: Black America in the Age of Pandemic; and the fund for Global Human Rights ( to ensure that the Center will be able to hire more HUSL students interns this upcoming year.