Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center

The Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center will officially launch in 2019, during the Sesquicentennial celebration of Howard University School of Law. Our vision is to help build a world where civil rights, human rights, freedom, and equal justice under law flourishes for all people who have historically suffered oppression or subordination on the grounds of difference.  As Howard University’s flagship institutional setting for the study and practice of civil rights, human rights, racial justice law and advocacy, we intend to fulfill our mission sooner than most believe to be possible.



In pursuing our mission, the Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center remains committed to the following values:

Embracing Praxis. We value merging theory and practice, reflection and action, ensuring that we pursue our mission in the spirit of mutual inspiration between our three institutional origins.

Leveraging Both Civil and Human Rights.  We value merging the extension of our civil rights legacy with our embrace of the human rights struggle because we understand that this collaboration will strengthen our fight for the dignity and liberation of our communities.

Recognizing Intersectionality. We value recognizing the multiplicity of identities that must navigate systems of oppression.

Remaining Movement-Centered. We value solidarity and mutually respectful partnership with community-led social justice movements.

Accepting of Difference. We value the rejection of respectability politics by respecting all Black Lives and all of our community members regardless of life station or circumstance.