Student Exam Protocols


The following Examination Protocols are established to ensure the smooth and efficient administration of final examinations for Howard University School of Law. Please READ the protocol and contact the associate dean for student affairs if you have questions.

  1. ALL EXAMINATIONS will start at 10:00 a.m. promptly, with the exception of accommodated exams. Students should, therefore, report to the examination room by 9:30 a.m. so that all preliminary preparations may be completed by 10:00 a.m. Students with accommodated exams should obtain their schedules from the Office of Student Affairs.
  2. Because a limited number of students can be seated in a classroom during the examination, if a professor has an exam given in two classrooms, students must first pick up a seating number at the front of the exam room to secure a seat. There will be a maximum number of seats per classroom. When all numbers have been dispersed, additional students will be directed to an alternate classroom. When instructed, students must sign in on the Examination Attendance Roster.
  3. Only materials designated by the professor in the examination instructions are to remain on the desk.
  4. All personal belongings, i.e., coats, book bags, pocketbooks, pagers, cell phones, smart watches, tablets, blue tooth, iPods, etc. must be placed in the front of the classroom. Cell phones cannot be used to monitor the time or for calculations.
  5. Students are not allowed to wear hoodies or hats on their heads or have earphones during the exam. Students are allowed to wear earplugs during the exam.
  6. There is to be no food or drink in the classrooms, either before or during the exams. Only clear water in clear containers will be allowed in the classrooms.
  7. The proctor shall place the examination face down on the desk and it will remain face down until instructed by the proctor to start the exam. Wait for the start signal from the proctor.
  8. No more than one student shall leave the room at anytime. Students are required to sign the sign-out roster and check the box on the blackboard when they leave the room and must sign-in and erase the check on the blackboard when they return to the room.
  9. ALL students must stop typing or writing when the allotted time has expired. The proctor shall call time and direct students to submit the exam electronically or insert exam materials into the security envelope.
    1. Each student must remain seated until the proctor collects the student’s exam and directs the student to sign-out.
    2. A student who completes the examination before the allotted time has expired, may proceed to the front of the class and turn in his or her examination, blue books, etc.
    3. When the remaining time is 15 minutes or less, the student must remain seated until the end of the exam and follow the proctor’s instructions.
  10. For students using blue books, the proctor will verify the contents of the security envelope to ensure that all materials are included e.g., test, blue books, scrap paper. All “scrap” or unused paper shall be placed inside the security envelope and prominently marked as “SCRAP”. Any unused test booklets must be returned to the proctor.

SECURITY ENVELOPES (ONLY FOR BLUEBOOK EXAMS) will be imprinted with the following information:

COURSE: Completed by Adm.                                       DATE: Completed by Adm.

STUDENT EXAM#: Student Completes                        CLSRM#: Completed by Adm.

TEST CTRL#: Completed by Proctor                             TEST BKLTS: Completed by Proctor

PROCTOR’S SIGNATURE: Completed by Proctor

No examination material may be removed from the examination room without prior approval of a dean. Before you will be given an examination, you must place any knapsack, book bags, or other personal materials at the front of the classroom. This means you must leave any cell phone or other electronic device, except your laptop if you are using it for the final exam, in the front of the classroom and nowhere on your person. When the Proctor announces that the exam is over, you will stop typing, writing, erasing or otherwise adding to, altering, or modifying your exam or any examination materials and you must remain quiet and seated until the proctor collects your exam. You will not give aid to or receive aid from any other student or unapproved source during the administration of the examination.

Any student who engages in cheating or conduct that disrupts or attempts to disrupt the final examination process is in violation of the examination regulations. You understand that a violation of any of these regulations may result in charges against you under the Howard University Academic Code of Conduct, the Howard University Student Code of Conduct, and academic provisions contained in the Student Affairs Guide. By signing in, you acknowledge that you (1) have read, (2) understand, and (3) will comply with the rules in this statement.


  1. Students are required to have their own laptops. The school will not provide laptops or have any additional laptops in the classrooms. Students without a laptop will be required to use a bluebook and remain in the classroom.
  2. All students must download Exam4 software prior to the day of the exam. Students showing up for the computer based exam without the software loaded on the computer will be required to use a bluebook and the student will remain in the classroom.
  3. All students must be seated and ready to receive instructions by 9:45 a.m. Students that are late for the final exam will be required to use a bluebook and remain in the classroom.
  4. Technical troubleshooting – In the event that a computer crashes or freezes, students will be instructed to leave the computer in its crashed or frozen state and to contact the proctor immediately. If IT cannot restart the computer in one minute, the student will be required to use a bluebook and the student will remain in the classroom.