Shuttle Bus Schedule


The Office of Parking and Transportation is pleased to announce the expansion of the Howard University shuttle service, which includes new and improved routes and a revised schedule to better serve the University community. During the summer, Howard Parking and Transportation and Reston Limousine worked together with the students, faculty and staff to revise shuttle schedules to best serve our campus community’s transportation needs.

Visit our website at to review the changes and revisions to the various shuttle routes. In an effort to increase efficiency, a number of routes have been revised to include central hubs for pick-up. These hubs will cut down on travel time, help improve our carbon footprint, and allow for extended route times. To that end, a number of stops have been eliminated to accomplish this goal. In doing so, we are also excited to announce Columbia Heights as a part of the schedule revisions. Listed below are a few of the HU Shuttle Service benefits that our modifications will support:

  • Improved reliability on days of operation
  • Increased frequency
  • Increased efficiency of transit service
  • Increased opportunities to utilize transit services
  • Improved mobility in support of healthy living (walking, biking, etc.)
  • Decreased carbon footprint
  • Decreased travel time to main campus
  • Extended hours for the Law School route

The new shuttle schedules will begin August 17, 2015. If you have any questions, please call the Parking and Transportation Department at 202-806-2000.

For additional information regarding shuttle schedules, please visit:

Live Tracking of Shuttles

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Parking Law/West Campus Route (Weekday Schedule)

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Parking and Shuttle Policy for Inclement Weather

Shuttle service hours of operation due to inclement weather are based upon safety and service to the University community.

In the event of early release or closure, The Parking Office will operate on the same schedule as all non-essential offices on Campus.

Closed for the Day

Shuttle service will operate according to the “weekend” shuttle schedule.

Delayed Openings

Shuttle Service will operate according to the regularly scheduled times.

Early Closures

Shuttle service will continue to operate on the normal schedule for one hour after notification of early closure. Thereafter, shuttle service will operate on the weekend schedule.

For additional questions, contact the Office of Parking and Shuttle Operations at 202-806-2000.

*Depending upon weather conditions, it may be necessary to adjust or modify shuttle routes.