Reciprocity Policy

The Office of Career Services at Howard University Law School provides reasonable access of resources to students and graduates of law schools outside of the Washington, DC metropolitan area as follows:

  1. Services are available to those ABA-accredited law schools which allow Howard University School of Law students and/or graduates use of their facilities.
  2. Reciprocity services are provided on a one-to-one exchange basis.
  3. A request for reciprocity must be made in writing by a placement or career counseling official at least one business day in advance of the student’s/graduate’s intended visit. No walk-in request will be honored.
  4. Reciprocity services are available for a period of three months from the date of issuance (or until August 1st).
  5. Reciprocity services may include access to current employment listings and resources in the career services library. No career counseling is available.
  6. Students and graduates of other schools will not be permitted to participate in Howard’s recruitment programs.
  7. Reciprocity is suspended between August 1st and November 15th.
  8. A request for reciprocity can be made to only one Washington, DC area law school per student or graduate.