Professor Matthew Bruckner-Faculty Spotlight

Professor Bruckner wishes to inspire students to ‘consider a way in to bankruptcy law.’

Howard University School of Law recently sent a team to compete in a regional moot court designed to prepare them to participate in the March American Bankruptcy Institute/Duberstein Moot Court Competition—the largest appellate moot court competition in the nation. Prof. Matthew Bruckner coached the team, comprised of Emerson Lovell (3L), Diesha Cole (2L) and Ashlyne Polynice.

“The Duberstein Moot Court Competition is widely considered to be one of the nation’s premier moot court competitions and Howard has not sent a team in several years,” Bruckner said recently. “I want to provide support for Howard Law students interested in careers in transactional law generally, and bankruptcy specifically

Nearly every person and company in America has debt. Debt finances home purchases, educations, business investment, and more. When households or businesses fail to pay their debts, they often consider bankruptcy as a solution because bankruptcy offers them a second chance.

“Unfortunately, students often think of bankruptcy as boring or technical and I wanted to change their opinion and encourage them to consider a career in bankruptcy law,” Bruckner said. Bruckner continued, “Historically, the bankruptcy bar and bench have not been bastions of diversity and Howard Law students have an important role to play in providing legal services to clients who need their help navigating the bankruptcy system.”

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