Pre-Law Scholars Summer Enrichment Program (PLSEP)

From May 30th, 2017 – June 24th, 2017, Howard University School of Law will host approximately 30 undergraduate Pre-Law Scholars on our campus for a pipeline program designed to help students, primarily African-American students from other HBCUs, gain admission into law school and succeed once there.

Pre-Law Scholars will live in the dorms on Howard University’s main campus. Scholars will travel to the School of Law’s campus Monday through Thursday of each week to take classes taught by Howard University faculty exposing them to the study of law. Students will also have daily LSAT preparation with Kaplan. On Fridays, Scholars will meet with judges and other legal practitioners to learn more about the practice of law. There will also be opportunities to explore Washington, DC’s cultural institutions.

There is no cost to students who participate in the program and Pre-Law Scholars will receive a stipend. Please note that students will have to cover travel expenses to and from Washington, DC on their own. Once in DC, transportation costs will be covered as well as costs for housing, books, and meals.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this phenomenal opportunity, please fill out the application below.
The deadline to apply is April 7th.


* Be a rising sophomore, junior, or senior in college

* Have at least a 3.0 gpa or higher

* Have a demonstrable interest in attending law school

* Be open to new experiences and eager to learn

* Be ready to work hard

Application Link

* PLSEP Application

Important Dates

* Application Deadline: April 7th

* Move-In: May 30th

* First Day of Class: May 31st

* Last Day of Class: June 23rd

* Move-Out: June 24th