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John Mercer Langston Chapter

Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International (District XXIII)

John Mercer Langston Chapter at Howard University School of Law. The world’s largest legal fraternity, with over 250,000 members worldwide!

“Service to the Student, the School, the Profession and the Community.”

Declaration of Purpose

The purpose of this Fraternity shall be to form a strong bond uniting students and teachers of the law with members of the Bench and Bar in a fraternal fellowship designed to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law; to stimulate excellence in scholarship; to inspire the virtues of compassion and courage; to foster integrity and professional competence; to promote the welfare of its members; and to encourage their moral, intellectual, and cultural advancement; so that each member may enjoy a lifetime of honorable professional and public service.

About Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta (P.A.D.) is a professional law fraternity composed of law students, attorneys, judges, and educators. With over 250,000 members across the world, we are dedicated to promoting professional competency, service, and achievement within the legal profession.

The Fraternity has far more active chapters than does any other law fraternity in the world. P.A.D. has chartered over 192 Law School Chapters in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico (only at ABA-accredited law schools), 97 Alumni Chapters and over 270 Pre-Law Chapters. The fraternity continues to grow and expand its services, benefits and programs to members all across the world. Thus, providing an excellent forum for law students and professionals to exchange ideas, expand knowledge, and continue lifelong friendships and business contacts.

Membership Benefits

A legal fraternity offers opportunities for leadership, community involvement, and academic assistance. The legal fraternity you choose can have a significant impact on your professional career. The John Mercer Langston Chapter at Howard University School of Law Chapter maintains a strong tradition of academic excellence combined with a unique atmosphere of camaraderie.

Networking: The list of P.A.D. alumni is long and distinguished. P.A.D. is the largest international legal fraternity consisting of nearly 200,000 living members and has an online membership database for networking students and alumni. Therefore, you will find alumni contacts and assistance wherever you decide to practice.

Community Service: Community Service is a hallmark of the legal profession. P.A.D. strives to uphold these principles by participating in the Law Student for Literacy and Work-a-Day programs and by sponsoring the annual canned food and clothing drives. In addition, P.A.D. sponsors Law Related Education, a program in which members go to local schools to discuss legal issues.

Social Events: P.A.D. understands the rigorous nature of studying law. In response to the stress involved with law school, P.A.D. provides its members with opportunities to relax and unwind by sponsoring social functions. Furthermore, P.A.D. always encourages the attendance of your family and friends at all social events.

About Langston Chapter

John Mercer Langston (December 14, 1829 – November 15, 1897)

The John Mercer Langston Chapter at Howard University School of Law was chartered on November 19, 1966. The 2007-2008 academic year marks the 41st Anniversary for Langston Chapter.

John Mercer Langston was born in Louisa County, Virginia. Langston was the son of Ralph Quarles, a white plantation owner, and Lucy Langston, a slave of mixed African and Native American background. After his parents died when Langston was five, he and his brothers moved to Oberlin, Ohio, to live with family friends. Langston enrolled in Oberlin College at the age of fourteen and earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the institution. Denied admission into law school, Langston then studied law under attorney Philemon Bliss and was admitted to the Ohio bar in 1854.

In 1855 Langston became the country’s first black elected official, town clerk of the Brownhelm Township. Additionally, he was a founding member and president of the National Equal Rights League, which fought for black voting rights. During the Civil War Langston recruited African Americans to fight for the Union Army. After the war, he was appointed inspector general for the Freedmen’s Bureau, a federal organization that assisted freed slaves.

Langston moved to Washington, D.C. in 1868 to establish and serve as dean of Howard University School of Law. He was appointed acting president of the school in 1872. Langston retired in 1894, after which he wrote From the Virginia Plantation to the National Capital, his autobiography. He died in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 15, 1897. The town of Langston, Oklahoma, home of Langston University, is named after him.


Service to the Student, the School, the Profession and the Community.

Langston Chapter History of Membership

Class of 2013

Jason Alston
Gabriel Torres
Rukiya Mohamed
Domonique Williams
Desiree DuPree
Alicia Lee
Paule Jean-Pierre
Destiney Hicks
Francesca Witcher
Adrian T. Rivers
Rumbidzai Moyo
Ja’Celynn Porter
Edward Offutt
Vanirl Mitchell
Amber Mason
Frederick Angell
Monisola Salaam
Danielle Crafter
Brittany Davis
Kirisha Marshall
Arpine Sardaryan
Jumoke Johnson
Morgan Logan
Erin Perugini
Lewis Sutton

Class of 2012

Mistee Colbert
Dewight Flinch
Kiara Clark
Cyrena Shirley
Whitnee Goins
Tiffany Callahan
Ashley Foote
Ashley Moore
Courtney Riddick
Latisha Spence-Rivera
Simeone Yerokun
Austin Edwards
Binta Thiam
Andre Dixon

Class of 2011

Abreu, Yaniel
Benson, Branden
Brown, Nicola
Butler, Andrew B
Cain, Jada
Chadwick, Anilu
Clinton, Chad M
Cobb, Monique
Coney, Sescily R
Cross, Ashley
Draughon, Dwight
Ezekwe, Nkechinyere
Ferrell, Adrienne
Foster, Joshua S
Halasa, Lena
Hawkins, Tamika
Hsia, Vincent
Hunter, Felecia D
Kashani, Parand
La Motte, Christopher R
Lewis, Ashlee
Lovell, Melissa D
Luckett, Dierra K
McDonald, Louia A II
Middlebrooks, Anthony
Mitchell, Skylah
Philippe, Beersheba
Smith, Kia
Spaulding Boddie, Sondra
Tinsley, Jeremy
Witherspoon, Geoffrey
Woodson, Lauren

Class of 2010

Lenny Adams
Christina Brooking
Krysta Copeland
Courtney Dixon
Camille Dunlap
Charles Dunn
Melissa Earls
Ebony Ellis
Kashif Forbes
Chelsea Freeman
Edneka Haynes
Aaron Hodukavich
Kara Hoffman
Mitra Jafary-Hariri
Ashley James
Holly Jenkins
Aliciamarie Johnson
William Jolley
Sarah Kaehler
Ashley Lawson
Marcus Leach
Debbie Lovinsquy
Victoria Lynch
Janine McKinnon
Chiquita Melvin
Jasmine Modoor
Mitzie Moore
Nnamdi Nwaneri
Breyana Penn
Carl Roaches
Emily Rutledge
Shemika Sanford
Laura Sherrod 
Caren Short 
Jeffrey Simon
Rayna Smith
Vernon Taylor
Aristotle Theresa
Frank Windham
Amanda Zubiate

Class of 2009

Megan Boler
Johny Chaklader
Shara Chang
Leigh Chapman
Danielle Davis
Alyssa Fobi
Tiffany Goodwin
Alexandra Gormley
Michael Jackson
Marcus Joachim
Chervonti Jones
Anna Kayser
Roy Kelly
Rhonda Kornegay
Denise Linton
Chastity Lomax
Stephanie Maddin
Maudissa McSween
Natalia Meneses
James Moffett
Jude Owusu-Asiedu
Kapil Pandit
Dominique Price
Anissa Reed
Damien Scott
Shali Shah
Whitney Smith
Nikkia Wharton
Darla Woodring

Class of 2008

Chris Aguwa
Gina Antilus
Katherine Aversano 
Weyimi O. Ayu 
Phil Bailey
Carol N. Baldwin
De’Travius Bethea
Regina Brooks
Jesse A. Bulluck
Damarr Butler
Erin K. Cannon
Victoria Cejas
Pawandeep Vicky Kaur Chatha 
Patrice Clark
Fabrice E. Coles 
Lawrence Cosby 
Teri Curtis
Jean Cyrille
Kimberly Daniels
Giselle K. Fuentes
Kandis Gibson
Nye-Chi (Kristina) Han
Cicely Harris
Steven Harris
Amanda Igbani 
Obinna C. Ihekweazu
Philip Jackman
William Jacobs
Jason T. Johnson
Marques Johnson
Raina Marie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson
Chelsey Knox-Brown
Labriah Lee
Sherina Maye
Erin N. McCoy
Anthony McCreary
Monica McNeely
Adrienne Moran
Myrialis Moran-Nieves
Nichole Mounsey
Jennifer A. Na
Oyebisi O. Olatoye
Jack N.E. Pitts, Jr.
Katherine (Katie) Puzauskas
Ramon Richardson
Valerie Rivers
Chelsey Rodgers
Joshua Senavoe
Makan Shirafkan
April M. Smith
Heather Thompson
William Treadwell
April Williams
Krystal Williams

Class of 2007

Shabnam N. Ahmed 
Shridevi Annigeri
Kara Beverly
Sean Bissoon
Jeremy D. Broussard
Dedan K. Bruner
Gabrielle Cantave
Dionne Cutting
Stephanie Dixon
Tai Dixon
Richard Evans
Akilah Tulani Gibson
Tina Greene
Yaa-Asantewa Hargrove
Wendell M. N. Harp
Donald Harris
Clarion Johnson
Erin P. Johnson
Stephanie Johnson
Ron Jones
Jason R. King
Lyndsey Kuykendall
Angela Lipscomb
Dana Mitchell
Nene Otum
Clifton A. Prince
Carleen Regnier
Anthony Santagati, III 
Michelle Yost 
Shana J. Wilcher