Office of Records

Welcome to the Office of Recording at the Howard University School of Law. The Office of Recording is the official repository responsible for recording and reporting grades, certifying student enrollment, and maintaining all official student academic records. The Office of Recording acts in accordance with the Howard University Policy governing the Maintenance of Student Records, the Rights of Students Regarding Such Records, and the Release of Information on Students to Third Parties.

The Recording Office staff remains constant in their commitment to providing efficient quality services to our students, faculty, staff, and the community-at-large.

All Transcript Requests are handled by the Office of the Registrar on the main campus.
Please use this link Howard University Transcripts for more information on transcripts.

Services provided by request (In-person/or email)
For all email requests to:

  • Certificate of Good Standing (must include addressee’s name & address)
  • Class Rank & GPA
  • Copies of permanent file documents
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • Bar Application Forms

The Records office will accommodate the transfer of the following forms to the main campus for processing

  • Deferment form
  • Graduate Plus forms

For any questions or concerns, please contact us by email at: