Intellectual Property Patent Clinic

Who can apply? 2Ls and 3Ls
Pre- or Corequisite: None. Please note, you do not need a science background to participate in clinic.
Suggested Courses: Patent Practice and Procedure
Is this program year-long or semester-long? Semester-long
How many credis? 3

The IP Patent Clinic is a course where students interact with inventors or designers, and prepare actual patent applications which will be filed for inventors under the supervision of licensed a Patent Attorney.  The students will be assigned an invention disclosure.  They will work directly with the inventor(s) to draft a patent application covering the invention.  The patent application worked on by the student can include design patents.  The inventors or designers in need of the preparation of a patent application are generally from the local community in need of pro bono representation.  Students will be instructed as to best practices with regard to meeting with the inventor(s) and drafting the patent applications.  They will then be critiqued regarding their written applications.  The patent applications will be written in stages, including drawings, claims, and specification, with critique on each step in the process.