Huver I. Brown Trial Advocacy Team- Fund Raising

Dear Benefactor,

We need your help to achieve our goal of being able to represent HUSL and the Huver I. Brown Trial Advocacy Moot Court at our absolute best. Your generous donation will help shape and mold the next generation of trial lawyers. Suggested donations levels are$250, $500, $1,000, or whatever amount you can give. You can make your donation by making checks payable to: Howard University School of Law (memo: Huver I. Brown Trial Advocacy Team), and sending it to Ms. Harris at Howard University School of Law, 2900 Van Ness Street, Washington, D.C. 20008. You can also donate online:
(1) go to Howard University’s school website
(2) click “Give”;
(3) choose a donation;
(4) go to “Designation” and select “Other”;
(5) type: “Huver I. Brown Trial Advocacy Team”;
(6) complete the billing information and payment details section;
(7) click “Donate!” 

If you would like to discuss the team and its future, you may contact Adam Hunter, the team’s newest coach (, or Naomi Alexander this year’s captain at:

We thank you in advance for your time and support and welcome you to join us in practice on Wednesdays from 6:40- 8:20pm in the Houston Hall Moot Courtroom. 

Excellence in Truth and Service,