HUSL Seat Reservation System has been Launched


In order to facilitate the dedensification of campus spaces and support the safety of the Howard University School of Law community, a new Seat Reservation System has been launched.  There are two components.

1) Students who satisfy the requirements outlined under “On Campus Seats” may reserve a physical seat on campus to study or attend one of their classes virtually.  Seats have been selected in the Law Library, Houston Hall, and Holy Cross.  To ensure a seat is available to use before coming on campus, students are strongly encouraged to consult the seats available on this page.  Use the drop down menus (e.g., Location, Category) to identify which spaces have seats available, and follow the prompts to reserve a seat before coming to campus.  Physical seat reservations can be made starting Monday, August 17.  Each available seat on campus has been labeled with a unique QR code.  Once you have found your reserved seat, check into the seat by scanning the QR code.  You’ll be asked to enter a 3-digit code that was included in the confirmation email sent to you when you made the reservation.  Be sure to have this email handy to streamline the self-check in process.

2)  Virtual Study Rooms have been created for student use.  These virtual rooms are available to current law students for group work (e.g., study sessions, student group meetings) using the Zoom platform.  We hope this gives students the opportunity to meet, collaborate, and study together whether they’re in the DMV area or in other parts of the country.  One student will make the reservation and will receive a confirmation email with a unique link to access the virtual study room.  To invite other students to the room during the reserved time, simply share the link found in the auto-generated confirmation email.  The virtual study rooms are active now!

At this time, it’s difficult for us to gauge demand for the use of these resources.  In the interest of equity, be sure that if you make a reservation and decide you don’t need it that you take the time to cancel the reservation.  This will ensure the physical seat/virtual study room can be used by another student.

As these two systems are new, we are counting on you to let us know if there are any problems.  Feel free to email the Law Library at  We are limited by what the system can accommodate, but we are committed to serving the Howard University School of Law community and always welcome your questions and feedback. 


Guide to Continuity of Law Library Services During COVID-19