Howard Intellectual Property Program (HIPP) - Howard IP Program

The Howard IP Program (HIPP) gives life in the area of intellectual property law and administration to the Howard University School of Law mission of advancing social justice in the United States and the global community. HIPP seeks to include and empower historically and currently marginalized groups with aim of achieving full participation of members of those groups in the social, economic, and cultural benefits involving the development, dissemination, and enjoyment of the fruits of intellectual property.

The Howard IP Program sponsors programs that bring together students, scholars, IP practitioners, regulators, and judges to address social justice issues in intellectual property. HIPP also engages in public advocacy on social justice aspects of IP issues. Within the law school, HIPP includes the IP curriculum, student organizations centered on IP generally, on sports and entertainment law, and on IP issues in the fashion industry, and various forums designed to facilitate contact between current IP law students and alumni and other practitioners.