Howard Family Law Society

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the HFLS is to enhance the education of students interested in family law, to encourage interdisciplinary and international research and practice in the area of family law, to disseminate information on family law and social policies affecting families, and to foster community service for the benefit of families and children with an emphasis on disadvantaged families and families of color.

These goals will be accomplished through sponsoring guest speakers, hosting workshops and engaging in volunteer projects. Annual family court visits are organized.

The HFLS also maintains a database for family law employment opportunities-offering internship opportunities with prominent family law attorneys and judges. 

Howard Family Law Certificate Proposal

HFLS is in the process of offering its members a Family Law Certificate, making it the first Certificate program offered at Howard University School of Law. The certificate is modeled on similar Certificate programs that are offered at the University of Colorado, Hofstra University, Loyola University, Syracuse University, and the University of Florida.

Family law is a lucrative and viable practice area, despite the recent economic downturn. The Certificate program will help interested students obtain specialized knowledge about the theory and practice of family law. The resulting Certificate will serve as a recruitment tool, a way of making our students more competitive in the job market.

Foyer Domestic Violence Program

Foyer Domestic Violence Program


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