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Howard Human & Civil Rights Law Review (ISSN #) is published one time per year by the members of the HCR, under the auspices of Howard University School of Law. HCR’s Editorial and Business Offices are located at:

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Subscription rates are for an academic year, ending July 31st. The subscription rates for the current academic year are $20 (U.S. rate) and $25 (international mailing). All subscriptions renew automatically unless HCR receives notice of termination prior to a subscription’s expiration date. Because HCR retains copies of back volumes for a limited time only, subscribers must notify HCR that they did not receive a volume no later than December 31st of the year when the volume should have been received.
All correspondence concerning subscriptions, including changes of address.

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RaNeeka Claxton WittyDirector of Publications,
Howard Human & Civil Rights Law Review
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