Financial Aid

Welcome to the Howard School of Law Financial Aid homepage. Our objective is to explain the financial aid process during your law school career at Howard University.  
Please follow these steps to understand your funding options at the school of law.

Step one: Scholarships 

At Howard University School of Law, all students are automatically considered for scholarships during the admissions process.  There are no additional forms a student must complete for consideration for incoming merit awards.  Students are informed of scholarship awards in the acceptance information mailed during the admissions process.  If there is not a notice of scholarship award in the acceptance packet, an award was not granted.  If you feel this was in error, please contact the Office of Admissions at if you were not awarded a scholarship or the scholarship does not cover the full cost of attendance, please continue to step two.


Step two: Loans

For any student that has an unmet need; defined as the cost of attendance minus scholarship (if any) to cover attending the school of law; the student can seek additional funding through loans.  The following loan options are presented below.

Loan Options

Aid for any US citizen considering attending graduate or professional school is the same for every student who has submitted their FAFSA.  To learn more about the FASFA, please visit
Below is a brief explanation of each loan that is offered to graduate/professional students. 

1.  Unsubsidized Loan 

Each student is allotted a maximum of $20,500 in an unsubsidized loan per academic year. It is split between both semesters:

FALL Spring
$10,250.00 $10,250.00

2.  Grad Plus Loan

For students who need additional funding, the Grad Plus Loan might be a great option for you. It is a credit-based loan that students will apply for at The Grad Plus Loan: can be the difference of the Cost of Attendance minus the Unsubsidized loan of $20,500 for the entire academic year and any scholarships awarded.   

Example: If the cost of attendance is $60,000, the Grad Plus loan amount cannot exceed $39,500.

If you have questions for financial aid, please send an email to