Add/Drop Policy

Howard University School of Law Student Handbook Rule 303 (excerpted here):

303     Registration, Add/Drop, Leave of Absence, Withdrawal from School

303.1 Registration Procedures and Requirements

  1.   The details of registration procedures and requirements are established by the 
    School of Law and University administrators.
  2.   This Handbook describes the registration process in general and establishes certain 
    regulations regarding registration.
  3.   Students are cautioned to obtain all necessary information and forms needed for registration and to follow the procedures 
    established by the School of Law administration.

303.2 First-Year Students

  1.    Each first-year student must register for and attend all the prescribed first-year courses, except in a rare case presenting special or unusual circumstances.
  2.    Requests under this provision are to be made in writing to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs who has final authority to act on the request.

303.3 Approval of Academic Programs for the Student’s Second Year

  1.   A first-year student must obtain approval of the student’s first-semester second- year academic program from a faculty advisor prior to registration in accordance with the dates prescribed on the academic calendar.
  2.   The student is required to meet with a faculty advisor at least once before or during the registration period. 
    Approval by the faculty advisor does not constitute a waiver of the requirements for graduation.

303.4 Approval of Academic Programs for the Student’s Third Year

  1.    Each second-year student must complete a degree program self-audit and secure approval to register from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs prior to or during the spring registration period for the first semester of the student’s third year.
  2.    The purpose of the self-audit is to help ensure that all requirements for graduation have been or will be met. Responsibility for compliance with the 
    requirements for graduation rests on the student and cannot be waived by administrative approval of the student’s academic program.

303.5 Add/Drop Period

  1.    For fall and spring semesters, the Add/Drop Period is generally set in accordance with the Howard University schedule. It is announced on the HUSL Academic Calendar.  
  2.    Courses cannot be added after the Add/Drop Period at the start of each semester.
  3.  Withdrawing from Courses after the Add/Drop Period:
    1. After the end of the Add/Drop Period, an upper-division student may withdraw from a course or courses and receive a grade of “W” up to the end of period established by the University.

    The University establishes the deadline for withdrawing from a course.

    • Absent extraordinary circumstances, permission generally will not be granted if withdrawal from the course will reduce the student’s course-load below the minimum required credits to remain a full-time student.
    • The student must obtain permission from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to withdraw from the course. Students must complete withdrawal forms and seek the signature of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  4. An upper-division student may not drop a first-year course in the absence of special or unusual circumstances. A request to drop a first-year course is to be made in writing to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, who has final authority to act on the request.A first-year student may not drop a first-year course, except as provided above.