Academic Support and Bar Prep

It is a part of the Law School’s mission to “educate and enable students to develop their highest capabilities and skills as lawyers.” To that end, the Law School has put in place an inspired, robust Academic Support and Bar Preparation program beginning before matriculation into law school and ending after graduation. We are dedicated to ensuring that students who are differently abled, know that they are capable of achieving academic success, passing the bar exam, and becoming social engineers. The Academic Support and Bar Preparation program is developed with this in mind: that it will take all of us to win and that it will take the success of students with all kinds of talents and passions to continue the Law School’s long history of producing lawyers dedicated to advocating and defending the rights of all.

Academic Support

  • The Pre-Law Preparatory Program, offered every summer, is designed to help students build a solid foundation for developing the skills necessary to do well in law school and, eventually, on the bar exam.

  • Howard Law’s Year-long Academic Support Series consists of a series of workshops that provide step by step support in skill development as students grow throughout the first year.

  • Individual Academic Counseling is available for all students, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to law school success. The Director of Academic Success and Bar Preparation is available to meet with students to address their specific needs and progress. Students are encouraged to become more self-aware regarding their individual learning styles, and to use this awareness to inform the tools that will contribute to their success.

Bar Preparation

  • Howard Law’s unique Vendor’s Choice Program ensures that all students are guaranteed the participating commercial bar preparation course of their choice upon graduation. While commercial bar preparation courses are critical for passing the bar exam, they can cost thousands of dollars forcing many students to forgo this resource. Howard Law has stepped in and made the bold move to subsidize half the cost, with the other half covered by a fee included in the cost of attendance. Through the Vendor’s Choice Program, all Howard Law students will be set up for success on the bar exam.

  • Year-long Bar Workshops presented by a myriad of experts covering what the bar is, offer tips on approaching different sections of the bar exam, and provide opportunities to practice and receive feedback on those sections.

  • The Bar Skills course focuses on helping students develop the skills needed to be successful on any bar exam.

  • Individual Bar Exam Tutoring during the bar summer complements commercial bar courses by providing students with even more personalized, in-depth feedback during bar preparation.

  • Bar exam tutoring is also offered by Bar Mentors, who are dedicated Howard Law alumni. Our alums lift as they climb by encouraging and supporting graduates during their bar summer.

  • Bar Exam Application Assistance is available, especially for students who anticipate requesting ADA accommodations on the bar exam.